Study: Paid social emerges as mobile retargeting hack

Retargeting via mobile devices is an industry-wide challenge, but a new study shows digital media buyers are experimenting with paid social exchanges to fill the gap left by cookies. About 41 percent of both brands and agencies said they believe that social exchanges are “key” to retargeting on mobile devices, as these exchanges reach users regardless of whether they are at a desktop or on the go.

“I think it’s the only way to go at this point,” said Erich Marx, Nissan’s director of interactive and social media marketing. “There’s really no other option.”

The study, commissioned by Chango and fielded by Digiday, asked 400 media buyers, agency executives and brand executives how they are using retargeting and what, if any, effects mobile and social marketing have on retargeting. Social exchanges emerged as a promising tactic for retargeting via mobile.

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