E-commerce marketing

As online shoppers become more unpredictable, marketers face growing risks

With the proliferation of social media channels; marketers struggle to keep up with consumers as they seek information, make purchasing decisions, and complete transactions across channels and devices. 68% of shoppers abandon their carts, and the average online retail conversion rate is 3%. In B2B, 90% of leads go cold within one hour. Marketers face a growing risk of investing marketing dollars in the wrong channels.

E-commerce success requires building meaningful relationships with users

Gone are the days of simply having to promote products. Users want quality content that addresses educates them, and answers their questions and objections at each step in their buying journey.

Shoppers want a personalized experience across channels and devices

They want a one-one-one, personalized experience across offline and online media, and across all devices. Providing a true omni-channel experience is a challenge. It requires access to big data and sophisticated technology solutions accessible until recently only to large e-retailers.

Clients come to Seamless Social to improve results

  • More quality traffic
  • More visits to product pages
  • More clicks on “Add to cart”
  • More completed purchases
  • More up-and cross-sales
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • More engagement around the brand
  • More buyers becoming advocates

We test and optimize the key factors driving conversions

  • Quality of organic & PPC traffic
  • Value proposition
  • Shopping experience
  • Calls to action
  • Product descriptions
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Shipping, return & refund policies
  • Brand’s story
  • Web site usability
  • Incentives offered
  • Landing pages
  • Search functionality
  • Trust symbols

Seamless Social’s approach to conversion optimization: more benefits, faster

Our approach enables you to turn more shoppers into buyers, and to generate more revenue, more profits, and more loyalty among buyers.