Customer experience design

The competition to win, engage and retain customers
is becoming more intense each day

The web and digital devices have changed how customers interact with brands.
Purchasing journeys are managed not by the brands anymore, but by customers. They are demanding and disloyal, and expect a great experience in all interactions.  Delivering a superb experience across all interactions has become the only sustainable advantage.  Experiences are the new products. Proactive experience design is the new norm.  Selling experiences is the new retail. Shared experiences are the new brand.

Brands believe they offer great experiences, customers don’t agree

80% of brands believe they offer great customer experiences, but only 8% of customers agree1. Only 1% of customers believe that their expectations are always met, and 89% of dissatisfied customers leave after one bad experience. And 79% of B2C and 95% of B2B customers share their complaints with others2,.

Customers want more than slicker layouts, smoother click paths or better service

They want to enjoy the entire purchasing journey and each touch point with their heart, mind and spirit, across all channels and devices. They want their journeys to be seamless, easy, enjoyable, relevant, meaningful, game changing, memorable and shareable.  And they want interactions that are expressive, relevant and personalized. A customer checking into a hotel will be glad to pay more for not just a room, but for relaxation, peace of mind, hedonism, personalization, involvement in shaping the experience, recognition and rewards.  And she will be ready to pay more for that.

Delivering great experiences is challenging

It requires seeing the customer journey through their eyes, across all segments, interactions, devices and scenarios. Understanding their lives, thinking and feeling like them, empathizing with them. And once that is done, in order to deliver these great experiences, the organizations usually need to foster a more customer-centric culture and governance, seamless cross-functional processes, as well as new systems and measurements. That’s is a tall order.

Money spent on customer experience provides higher ROI than advertising

Recommendations from customers with positive experiences are more influential and effective than ads.  Companies with a superior customer experience generate positive user-generated content, which influences perceptions and purchasing decisions, reduces churn, and grows brand value, revenue and profits.  86% of customers say they purchase more when they have a better experience3.  Customer experience leaders reap 128% higher market returns4.  When customer experiences match the brand’s promises, these experiences become the brand.  When that happens, the community of happy customers becomes the brand.

We help clients design and implement great customer experiences

  • Better understanding their customers: personas, information consumption preferences, values, needs, and aspirations.
  • Mapping customer interactions with the brand, gather insights and identify the gaps between experiences and expectations.
  • Identifying opportunities and solutions for bridging these gaps and prioritizing those that will best drive customer engagement and advocacy.
  • Designing great, differentiated, personalized experiences, where the customer is at the center, and where the desired emotions, capabilities and outcomes are activated across all channels and devices.
  • Creating spaces where customers and the brand share meaningful experiences, and where brand advocates are rewarded.
  • Measuring and continuously improving the quality of customer experience.

We help clients overcome the organizational challenges
In becoming customer-centric

  • Accepting that customer experience is what customers think it is, rather than what the brand believes.
  • Bringing stakeholders and silos on board and seeing customer experience as a top priority.
  • Generating organizational support for customer experience improvement.
  • Refreshing processes to deliver customer experiences.
  • Implementing effective metrics, measurement systems and incentives.
  • Establishing voice-of-the-customer programs, and leveraging the insights.

Customer experience map: chain of medical cosmetic clinics


Creating customer experience maps: the Seamless Social process



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