MyChannl, A Powerful, Easy to Use Mobile Market Intelligence App

Jean-Marie Bonthous, Seamless Social

For JM Bonthous, CEO of Seamless Social: MyChannl is an enterprise-grade, social media monitoring and market intelligence mobile application. It’s for executives and marketers who need to track in near-real-time what matters to them but don’t have the time to learn a complicated monitoring platform or don’t want to rely on analysts in their back office. With MyChannl they can monitor their brand, monitor influencers, and track competitors, from their smartphone, iPad or desktop with great depth and precision. The app is programmed remotely for them. All they do is to log in and read the feed with the latest news, there is no learning curve.
A client recently asked us: “I’d like a feed of everything that is published in blogs, twitter and forums about financial psychology, behavioral finance and neuroeconomics. I only want content published by high and medium-level influential sources in the US, and where the name of one of our 10 key competitors is mentioned.
How does it work? The clients tell us what combination of keywords they want us to track, what kind of sources (blogs, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, RSS feeds..) they want, the level of influence and relevance of the sources, and their geographical location.

We program their apps remotely. Our analytical platform scans hundreds of thousands of sources, including blogs, forums, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and a lot more. The users receive a custom feed delivering to them just the content they need, as it gets published. All they need to do is login on their smartphone, iPad or desktop, and scroll the feed. Our algorithms do the monitoring and analytical work for them in the background. There is no learning curve.
MyChannl scans online sources worldwide in twelve languages. The app works on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Samsung, most smartphones, and desktops. MyChannl is available by subscription, on a month-to-month basis. Users may cancel at any time. A limited number of free trial subscriptions is available.

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