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Seamless Social is a value added reseller for HubSpot. HubSpot’s provides a (killer) marketing application enabling businesses to “get found” by more prospects shopping in their niche and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

HubSpot enables you to transform your presence online into an engine that produces the right leads and helps convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities. HubSpot has taken the best inbound marketing methods, including blogging, analytics, lead nurturing and email marketing, and consolidated them into one integrated software package, so you can blog, tweet, optimize, capture leads and nurture them all in one place.

HubSpot is currently Inc. 500’s #2 fastest growing software company and the #33 fastest growing company in the US, overall.


Nimble’s core benefit lies in its ability to unify email, calendar activities and the most popular social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), and automatically link this functionality to business contacts. Instead of jumping from application to application, businesses now have one solution that can help them find individuals relevant to their business – no matter where they are on the Web — listen and engage with those individuals in any number of ways, and build relationships that can lead to opportunity.

Nimble has emerged as the next evolution in relationship management – the only web-based solution that brings together all of your contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations in one simple, free platform.

Nimble was awarded PC Magazine “Editors’ Choice” as well as the coveted “DEMO God” award. It has been recognized by leading analyst firm, Gartner for Social Software and Collaboration and placed on the “The CRM Watchlist 2011” by Social CRM expert Paul Greenberg. In addition, Nimble was awarded the coveted “Willy” for “Best Social CRM”.