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Social Media Index

An attempt to create an index to measure influence in social media. The indicators include Blogs (Google PageRank, Bloglines Subscribers, Technorati Ranking, Content/Frequency/Comments, Alexa Ranking), Multi-format (Facebook ranking), Mini-updates (Twitter friends and followers ranking), business cards (linkedin ranking), visual (Flickr ranking), Favourites (dig Score, Own Library, Others Library) and Flexible weighting. A post […]

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Inside the Conversations of the Conversation Catalysts: The Word of Mouth Leaders

This study by The Keller Fay Group provides insight into consumers leading word of mouth interactions: the “Conversation Catalysts™”. They comprise 15% of the population and generate 1.5 billion word of mouth brand impressions per day. They have a disproportionate influence over brand discussions. This research provides insights on how you can change your emphasis […]

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